Mortgage Services

    • Mortgage Up for Renewal

    We are here to find the perfect solution for you to save you money and time. We have access to many lenders to fit for your unique situations and different purposes. Gary Zhou will provide one stop service and efficiently help with the transition.

    • First Time Home Buyer Mortgage

    Buying your 1st home should be exciting and it is one of the most important things in one’s life, but sometimes it could bring a lot of hassle. By handing it over to us, you will have peace of mind on first getting the right mortgage amount and then finding the perfect house. Gary Zhou will help your buying process as simply and smoothly as possible.

    • Self Employed Mortgage

    Self-employed Canadians could face hard time to get their mortgage approved due to unstable source of income or low taxable income reported, etc. Being an expert in the industry, Gary Zhou look at every single way to help achieve their mortgage and finance goals possible.

    • New to Canada (or New Immigrant) Mortgage

    Need a place to settle down? We can help. Gary Zhou will find you the suitable mortgage program and perfect solution to assist you to start your new life in Canada sooner. With many years of industry experience, Gary will help you to move in to your new house faster and ready to adapt right away.

    • Non Resident Mortgage

    Many non-residents are buying investment or vacation properties. With access to different lenders and being familiar with their requirements, Gary Zhou will assist you to achieve your finance goals quicker.

    • Mortgage Refinance

    Debt consolidation, home renovation and repair, investments on other business or cottage and so on can also be funded by the equity built-up on your current property. Paying down your mortgage over time or increase in your property value allows you to refinance extra funds out for multiple purposes. It helps you to manage your credit needs and plan your overall finances in a more efficient manner. Gary Zhou can help to find you the right solution.

    • Investment Property Mortgage

    Real estate investments are getting popular for individuals who are looking for fixed assets capital gains and additional source of income. Investment properties on rental residences, commercial or retail properties are all taken care of by Gary Zhou here.

    • Vacation or Second Home Mortgage

    There are many financial routes and ways you can take when buying a Vacation or second Home. Gary Zhou will help you to discover the best suitable decision.

    • Spousal Buyout Mortgage

    Dealing with mortgage and credit issues during divorce and separation is stressful and the recent government rules have made it more difficult to solve. Having Gary on your side with the expertise and suitable programs, the process will be much easier and smoother. 

    • Alternative Lending

    For some special circumstances, individuals are not approved by some major Canadian lenders due to their bad credit histories or job loss and so on. No worries, not only Gary Zhou have access to those AAA lenders, but also do we offer alternative lending solutions to suit for your needs and solve for your mortgage demands.